I truly enjoy puzzling together a sound for each individual project I work on.  This one is up beat and modern.  Really like the snare/clap I got on it and am going to have to open that session up again...
Thanks for participating in: Nails Does a Little Commercial Good


Our latest video is a collaboration with Go-Go Wildcat and the music of Ryan Leyva. This epic journey highlights the gorgeous surroundings of Seattle and outlying areas.


I mixed all of the audio for the 2015 Folklife videos working alongside Watts Media.  

1: Lexus - Music only (voiceover work is not the final in this example)
2: Jones Jeans - composed, performed, and produced music
3: Hilton Hotels - composed, produced, and performed this entire piece

The musical transitions were fun to get moving with the screen on this CitiBank commercial.  Original score to screen on this lil' number. 

More fun sound on screen below: Seattle start-up SwopBoard needed some upbeat music created as they launched their company in 2014. All music heard is conceived of, performed and produced by Go-Go Wildcat.